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The first five numbers are your best sampling. 


#1 best experience

#2 best message (OK City and 9/11)

#3 greatest exuberance

#4 best dreamy trip

#5 best welcome for a newborn child

 There follow many more productions that we hope you'll find time to enjoy!

1) White Light Lyrics ©1987

2) Someday Lyrics ©1995

3) A Visit from the Dolphins (instrumental) ©1992

4) Riding Thru a Dream (instrumental) ©1992

5) Baby One Lyrics ©1996

6) Joy (instrumental) ©1992

7) Smiling Lyrics ©1987

8) Nothin' is Wrong Song Lyrics ©1988

9) Forever Lyrics ©1988

10 ) Life Force (instrumental) ©1993

11) Desert Rain (instrumental) ©1992

12) Sanctuary Lyrics ©1988

13) Spiritual Being Lyrics ©1987

14) Illumination (instrumental) ©1992

15) I Am  Lyrics ©1987

16) Come Out to Play Lyrics ©1985

17) Drum Dialogue (instrumental) ©1992

18) Love and Trust Lyrics ©1981

19) Global Anthem Lyrics ©1993

20) I'm Okay Lyrics ©1992

21) Journey (instrumental) ©1992

22) Power of Goodness Lyrics ©1988

23) Realize Lyrics ©1988

24) Teddi's Theme (instrumental) ©1992

25) You and I  -  Home

  Lyrics    Lyrics

©1988   ©1988


26) Moonwind (instrumental) ©1992


27) Holy Time Lyrics ©1989

(a Christmas song)

28) Prairie (instrumental) ©1992

29) Golden Moon (instrumental) ©1994

30) Reincarnation Rap! Lyrics © 1993

Now recorded as a YouTube video.


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Prairie Dolphins

(All songs © 1992 Connie Cook Smith)

Journey, Riding Thru a Dream, Illumination, Teddi's Theme, Dreamfields, Tabla Reflections

Joy, Drum Dialogue, A Visit from the Dolphins, White Light (studio version), Prairie


Cook'N'Mark Live!

(All songs © 1992 Connie Cook Smith)

I'm Okay, Realize, Sanctuary, Power of Goodness, Spiritual Being, Moonwind, Nothin' is Wrong Song

You & I - Home, Forever, Desert Rain, White Light (live),

Drum Dialogue (live), Smiling


Unrecorded Song Lyrics

God Just Wants to Have Fun

Above The Clouds




Justice of God

Now recorded on YouTube as "Reincarnation Rap"




A True Ghost Story

The Eternal Nature of Life


Dramatically re-created by the author herself –

highlighted with her transcendent original music –

this authentic experience will transfix you with terror, then humor, then beauty.

It’s a 30-minute listen that has the mesmerizing quality of an old radio show,

when everyone gathered around for a story.

For this one, perhaps choose an evening when the shadows begin to fall.

Grab a friend, a candle, and a glass of wine.

You might even plan a Halloween gathering around it,

for something more meaningful and exciting than usual.

And don’t miss Connie’s interdimensional song at the end, “Come Out to Play”:

“I know a secret doorway through
an ancient garden wall...”

Lovingly produced with Mark – her husband, engineer, partner –

it’s likely you will never again have a listening experiencing quite like this one.


Preview to hear 30-second sample at CD Baby; press either Play button under Preview box.






aka "Justice of God"

© 1993 Connie Cook Smith

"What if reincarnation is true...?"



 Toward The Good Of The Whole

© 2007 Mark Smith

An exploring that a human being by design contains a wholeness perspective

(part in the whole/whole in the part)

 and that all humans have a natural inclination toward the good of the whole.


More at Wholeographic Possibilities


Science Questions?

© 2007 Mark Smith

This is a video version of this webpage by the same name.

Perhaps the known could be more complete if the unknown were allowed into the known?

Perhaps to be human and look at nature only through the mind is ineffective?




Secular Spirituality

as expressed by the musical group Yes

© 2006 Mark Smith

The introductory video to a presentation Mark gave which highlights secular spirituality as natural,

a birthright, a universal democracy, holographic (whole), empowering for all and accessible to all.

Bringing spirituality down to earth.


Here Also


Good and Evil in America

© 2007 Connie Cook Smith

A brief, clear narrative on 9/11 lies and dangers in all religions.





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