Educational Resources

  • Arbor Heights Elementary School in Seattle, Washington
  • AskERIC AskERIC provides a wealth of curriculum materials and
    extensive research on education.
  • The Electronic Zoo The Electronic Zoo, compiled and maintained by veterinarian
    Ken Boschart at Washington U.
  • The Math Forum An Electronic Community for Lovers of math.
  • International Kids' Space Kids can join a multi-cultural, multi-lingual environment
    where kids are sharing artwork, etc.
  • MidLink Magazine MidLink Magazine is a bimonthly online magazine created
    by and for children ages 10 to 15.
  • The Nine Planets The Nine Planets provides a tour of the solar system ,
    complete with pictures, sound, and movies.
  • Quest: NASA's K-12 Internet Initiative. A K-12 Internet educational tool ,
    sponsored by NASA.
  • Web 66 Web 66 is maintained by the University of Minnesota College of Education.
  • Created 6/4/94 Last Revised 8/22/98